Everton bek Coleman mengambil keputusan untuk datang off setelah bentrokan Ibrahimovic

05/12/2016 | 20:42

Agen Bola – Everton full-back Seamus Coleman decided discretion was the best answer after receiving a head injury following a clash with Zlatan Ibrahimovic left him struggling to stand straight.

Ibrahimovic denied it was deliberate but the collision did affect Coleman, though, leading to his substitution after 67 minutes.

“I’m not one to come off,” he said. “I don’t know the ins and outs of the injury yet. It’s feeling much better now, after the game. I couldn’t stand up straight and I couldn’t run really, so it was a cause of using your head.

“There’s no point being brave and not being fit to play to your full potential, especially against a team like that, because you could be at fault for a goal. Your bravery would end up being stupid, “Buanabet.